Angry Birds (Full Version) Now Available

Angry Birds (Full Version) Now Available

Oct 15, 2010

Update 11/9: 45 New Levels Added!
Update: Full version now available in Android Market

AABF(Android Angry Bird Fan) “Is it here yet?”
Rovio: “Not yet.”
AABF: “When will it be released?”
Rovio: “Soon.”
AABF: “Is it here yet?”
Rovio: “Not yet!”
AABF: “Is it almost here?”
Rovio: “This week.”
AABF: “When will it be here?” “Thurdsay?”, “Friday?”
Rovio: “By the end of the week.”
AABF: Is it here yet!”

The birds have finally flown the coop! The moment we (Android users) have been impatiently waiting for has arrived. Put down any work you were doing, cancel all future engagements and go download the Full Version of Angry Birds which is now available via Getjar. Rovio has decided to release the full version for Free with in-game ads. Not sure the reasoning for this but I’m sure it will upset many people (myself included). I guess I should be happy it’s Free but I would have been more than willing to dish out the money for an ad-free version. A future update is supposed to give the option to purchase a non-ad version but no announcement on when that update will roll out. They will also be releasing the full version on the Android Market soon (why the wait?).

Over a month ago, Rovio released Angry Birds Beta for Android and in 4 days time downloads surpassed 250,000! This 15 level Beta infected hundreds of thousands of once productive citizens and kept them glued to their mobile devices for over a month. This was not enough to appease the Android Angry Birds mob and they have been relentlessly filling up forums and twitter accounts like backseat 4 year olds on a family road trip. Now that the full version is finally here I’m guessing there will be some much needed rest going on in the Rovio camp (then again, they now have Windows phone 7 to start on).

I really can’t believe you’re still here reading this. Go! Go! See you in a couple months.


Source: Rovio

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