Angry Birds Seasons Update – St. Patrick’s Day Green Eggs and Ham

Angry Birds Seasons Update – St. Patrick’s Day Green Eggs and Ham

Mar 11, 2011

Top O’ the mornin’ to you! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the holiday themes, Angry Birds Seasons received a “Green” update. Your favorite guilty pleasure now has an additional 15 lucky green levels, shimmering pots of gold, 2 new Golden Eggs and a St. Paddy’s day surprise! The update is live and available for free in the Android Market. If you haven’t already downloaded Angry Birds Seasons, it is also available for free and is separate from the original Angry Birds app.

Angry Birds Seasons is an extension of Rovio’s grossly popular Angry Birds and features holiday themed level packs that are, well — seasonally updated. As of today it includes Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day and now St. Patrick’s day levels (Easter is probably next). So go enjoy the new update and get amped up for your green beer, shamrocks, and St. Paddy’s Day parades!

Download: Angry Birds Seasons

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