Angry Birds Space Coming in March, and Launching on Galaxy Note

Angry Birds Space Coming in March, and Launching on Galaxy Note

Feb 29, 2012

Rovio’s about ready to pull back and launch their latest Angry Birds title on us pigs in March, Angry Birds: Space. Fitting with the vast expanses of space, the game will be “launching” on the Galaxy Note. What does that mean? Well…that’s a good question!

This could just mean that the game will be optimized for the Galaxy Note, and Samsung has an interest in making sure their name is connected with mobile gaming’s juggernaut. After all, they think so highly of the Galaxy Note that they spent approximately $10.5 million to run one ninety-second advertisement during the Super Bowl. Spending extra money to make sure their name is tied in with Angry Birds may be money well-spent.

The implication that no kind of exclusivity beyond some exclusive content for the game being mentioned seems to indicate that iOS users won’t be changing their opinions on the Galaxy Note from mocking to pure, spiteful anger.

What it may also confirm is that Android gamers (or at least a subset of them) will be playing the game come March 22nd when it launches. The previous two new SKUs that were released, Seasons and Rio, launched on iOS before hitting Android. That gap may not exist in this case, or at least it will not on the Galaxy Note. There’s worse ways to sell a phone than to say that it’s the biggest and best way to carry an Angry Birds-capable device in one’s pocket.

We’ll have more on Angry Birds: Space as it nears launch, especially as the game is still the behemoth franchise in mobile gaming, and likely will be jumping up the charts as soon as it launches. On Android, it will be interesting to see if the game launches on the Android Market in a paid flavor for a change, or if they continue to rely on the Amazon Appstore for paid versions of the game. We’ll know, or at least have a better idea, by March 22nd.

Carter Dotson
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