Anomaly: Warzone Earth Ported to Android in 2 Weeks, Now Available for Tablets

Anomaly: Warzone Earth Ported to Android in 2 Weeks, Now Available for Tablets

Dec 26, 2011

When porting games to Android is discussed, there’s always the discussion that it takes a lot of work and time to do it. So much work, that for many developers, Android has become a curse oath they mutter under their breaths. Android haunts their dreams at night. Well, for lesser developers, this is true. For 11 bit studios’ Bartosz Brzostek, Android porting is nothing he can’t handle. This man ported over the PC/Mac and then iOS tower offense title Anomaly: Warzone Earth to Android in 2 weeks.

By himself.

Ported over from the touchscreen-friendly iOS version, this tower offense title has players forming squadrons of units to navigate mazes full of encamped enemy defenses. It’s tower defense in reverse – tower offense. The game features a variety of challenging levels in its campaign mode, as they try to advance deeper into the enemy bases. As well, it features the bonus Squad Assault mode. Bartosz Brzostek was not satisfied just bringing the game to Android – he added two new Squad Assault modes for this version of the game.

While it seems silly to suggest that this game should force other developers to pick it up on their Android port jobs, it is still rather impressive that one developer was able to port this game from iOS to Android in a span of two weeks. All code is different, and it appears as if the code for this game was set up in a way that bringing it to the different architecture of Android was possible. Still, it is remarkably impressive!

The game is currently available as an Amazon Appstore exclusive. The game is only playable on tablet devices for now, optimized for the Kindle Fire, but devices like the Motorola Xoom are able to run it as well. Check out the video below detailing the process of bringing the game to Android; Mr. Brzostek, I raise a glass of vodka to you, sir! Well done!

Carter Dotson
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