My App Addiction: Nova Launcher

My App Addiction: Nova Launcher

Dec 7, 2017

There’s no way you’ve been on Android for more than a fortnight and not heard of it. Come on. You either insanely love this application… or you know someone who does.

What does Nova Launcher do? Well, think of it as a replacement for the underlying UI that allows you to interact with — and launch stuff on — your device. You know… that software veneer that you work with to get to stuff. Every device in every OS has a stock option built in.

On a platform like Android where customization is a trademark, Nova Launcher is especially valued. The same attribute that allow Android to be so easy to get into — the diversity of product — also leads to a major complaint.

IOS devices noted have UI consistency. Pick up an Android device from Samsung, and another from LG, and you’ll see that they each have different UI flavors from an HTC or BlackBerry or whoever makes the device. Every manufacturer has it’s own concept, and if you’re even a little OCD, this can wreak havoc on your emotions.

Nova Launcher is an option that can provide consistency.for those that crave it.

Basically, you can install the app across all your Android devices, and have them all look and feel the same. Further, you get the full library of custom Nova customizations available across devices.

For someone like me, the benefits are numerous. One, I have a pretty unique homescreen that I have honed for years. It uses a lot of hidden icons and file groups, such that this arrangement is somewhat of a second security layer. Nova Launcher (plus several other tools) allows me to have this setup, but also allows me to have the same setup on all devices, including on AMIDuOS on my Windows tablet. Having the same setup boosts my productivity.

Look, I’ve done my good deed for the season. Check the free trial out, and get the paid version. Put it in your family library. Boom. Just did your Christmas shopping for you too.

You’re welcome.

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