My App Addiction: Slickdeals

My App Addiction: Slickdeals

Oct 20, 2014

I love technology, but even more than technology, I love a good deal. I don’t mind paying top dollar for something that I really need, but I admit I get a rush when I find something worth getting at full cost slashed to a lower price point.

In other words, Slickdeals and I were meant to be.

The well-known deals website is a veritable source of awesome . Making it to the “front page” is no easy feat, but getting the fiery “hot deal” icon is a true honor that befits one who has just set off a run on products that online stores can’t keep up with… the so-called “Slickdeals Effect.”

Being five minutes late can cost you. That’s why the official app is such a crucial tool in the arsenal of the savvy web connected shopper.

Using Android’s push notification system, the app allows SDers to pick and choose what they want to be notified about. Reminders — the ability to get a reminder about a deal that can’t be acted upon immediately while sitting in that budget meeting — are easily set, and the interface is clean and intuitive. I especially like the way frontpage and hot deals are visually presented; the notification system simply works, and it is possible to share deals by services installed on the app, which can be useful for folks who like to notify friends and family of deals… after they have already procured one of said item for themselves, of course. Forums can be accessed, and deal alerts can be set up.

Unlike the full website, the official app requires an account to be used, which might be somewhat of a bummer, but is somewhat understandable.

For the deal-conscious, the mobility quotient alone is worth it. I gotta go… Amazon is giving away free coins for Android app purchases.

Slickdeals told me so.

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