App Inventor For Android Now Available To All

App Inventor For Android Now Available To All

Dec 16, 2010

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at developing an app but get a headache just thinking about learning code? App inventor for Android is an experimental program that allows non programming folks to visually put together simple apps and specify behaviors through the use of blocks. Simply put, it’s a sort of drag and drop way of creating an app. Now, you aren’t going to be developing any Angry Birds on this thing, but they do give some examples of the capabilities and what can fundamentally be achieved. I’m also pretty sure these apps aren’t compatible with the Android Market at this time so forget those hopes of making thousands of dollars trying to sell your new fart app.

So what exactly can you develop with the App Inventor? The demo video for App Inventor isn’t what I would call “inspiring,” and really doesn’t do it justice (unless meowing kitties is your thing). You can write apps that take advantage of your phones features including GPS or you can create apps that communicate with the web. Once you learn how to use all the tools available it really comes down to your imagination. Considering Christmas is right around the corner; a one of kind, homemade app for the geek in your life could make for a very unique and personal Christmas gift. Now just because they have gone and made it “easy” to create simple apps, it really isn’t as “easy” as it sounds. Be prepared to do some tutorial reading to better familiarize yourself with the process.

App Inventor was originally “invite only” and handed out to a select few. I’m happy to announce that it is now open and available to anyone with a Google account. Keep in mind that App Inventor for Android is currently in beta form so it will not be without its own headaches. If you would like to give App Inventor a try just follow the link below for more information on how to get started.

Source: App Inventor

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