Are Apps About to Come to Google TV?

Are Apps About to Come to Google TV?

Jun 22, 2011

An interesting development has sprung up amongst Google TV device owners with Android Market accounts: their devices are starting to be listed as compatible devices on the Market. While there’s still little sign that the Google TV will be getting access to the Android Market beyond this, it is a sign that there is some interest in connecting it to the Android Market somewhere at Google, even just as a technical backend. It also brings up some interesting thoughts on what apps on Google TV could do.

The hypothetical problem with apps on Google TV is naturally that there’s no really obvious intuitive mechanism for interacting with apps. While devices like the Logitech Revue come with a keyboard with trackpad, it doesn’t seem like the most immediately intuitive device for app interaction, beyond text input. It definitely rules out most gaming, a major part of app stores. Angry Birds might work on a trackpad, but expecting anything beyond that, which would be an almost guaranteed financial success, would be doubtful.

The potential solution for TV interaction would be to use Android phones with Google TV devices, but for gaming, such uses may be limited, particularly without the lack of tactile controls. Having the ability to look at on-screen controls strengthens the experience of not having tactile controls; not being able to look at them would limit the amount of games that would work well while being played on a TV. As well, the market to seriously play games on Google TV would likely be limited – after all, this is still the realm of game consoles, and devices like the Wii and Kinect for Xbox 360 still rule the roost over there. The odds that an Android Market for Google TV would be sizable, considering that Apple already has a TV entry of their own (and their lack of serious entry into the space may say something about its feasibility to the moment), that’s cheaper, and has higher immediate popular appeal due to the Apple name. It’s just difficult to see the Android Market for Google TV being a success, but it appears like Google might be willing to give it a run.

Source: Android Central

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