Five Apps That Can Help with Tax Time Blues

Five Apps That Can Help with Tax Time Blues

Mar 9, 2015

It’s tax time!

What? No applause? For those of us that are Stateside, the first quarter of the year is that time when a lot of folks have to file tax returns. The entire period is a mixture of mailed documents, special tax time promotions and (depending on one’s personal circumstances) a lot of angst.

Here are five applications that are tasked with helping people stay on the right side of the IRS:

  • H&R Block 1040EZ: this is a nifty piece of software from a tax preparation veteran that allows one to get simple tax situations, well, situated. The key word here, though, is “simple;” if one is not filing a single/join return, earns a dollar over six figures, owns a home or has kids, this product isn’t rated for him/her/them. For those that fall outside the above categories, the features — like W-2 important, can be enjoyed for $9.99 in-app.
  • TaxACT Express: This is another product from a well-known company, and it is a bit more full-featured than the previous title, in that the interview allows for more complex tax situations. The app allows for tax status notifications too, but be warned: if you start on taxes via the app, it’s best to finish them with the app, as moving operations to a desktop causes one to invoke online pricing.
  • TurboTax Tax Preparation: it’s hard to talk about finances at all without mentioning Intuit, and it’s tax preparation offering is about as full-featured as they come. It packs W-2 OCR functionality, and one can move back and forth from computer to mobile devices across platforms. Still… if one considers it close to a desktop offering, it certainly is priced liked one.
  • IRS2Go: I know the app is from The Man, but hold your horses… this app is actually pretty good for getting information directly from the horse’s mouth. One can check the status of a refund, get assistance, and fimd ways to, uh, connect with the IRS.
  • Liberty Tax App: this one threw us for a loop, and we are happy to pass it forward. It is from Liberty tax service, and it will allow folks to do sundry things like find a local tax preparer, but its unashamed claim to fame is that is is a game. No, seriously… Liberty Loot Arcade game pits Lady Liberty against the presumably unsavory tax Collectors.
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