ARCHOS GamePad 2 Coming Stateside Soon

ARCHOS GamePad 2 Coming Stateside Soon

Oct 10, 2013

Despite having just released the first GamePad earlier this year, ARCHOS is now bringing to the US in the 4th quarter the second of its GamePads, just called GamePad 2. Here are some of the specs on this upcoming device:

-Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
-7-inch 1280x800p IPS display
-1.6 GHz quad-core A9 processor
-2 GB of RAM 8/16 GB of internal storage (microSD slot supports up to 64 GB cards)
-Front-facing camera


Keep in mind, it doesn’t have the best stats, but the $200 price tag should make it a viable Android gaming option.

Mike Deneen
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