Avoid Temptation With ZoomSafer Beta For Android

Avoid Temptation With ZoomSafer Beta For Android

Jan 6, 2011

It’s no secret that driving while distracted can have lethal consequences and it seems our beloved smartphones have aided in the recent influx of motor vehicle accidents. There is a huge campaign going on right now about the dangers of texting while driving and some states have enacted bans against the practice (well fines for the offense). In fact AT&T recently created a compelling video documenting the personal stories and consequences of texting while driving. If you haven’t seen the video, I strongly recommend you head over to the Happy New Year post and watch it.

While some people are advocating the dangers, others are coming up with innovative ways to help combat these issues and keep drivers safe. That’s where ZoomSafer comes in. ZoomSafer offers a variety of software solutions to help you stay connected and safe while driving and today they were proud to announce the availability of their Android beta application.

ZoomSafer is an easy-to-use application which automatically launches when you start to drive and automatically turns off when you stop. ZoomSafer can be configured to trigger using in-vehicle telematics or Bluetooth systems, as well as phone-based GPS services. Once started, ZoomSafer will disable emailing and texting while continuing to manage other forms of communications based upon user specific configurations. Some options include the ability to make and receive hands-free phone calls and an auto-reply function, which sends messages to let others know that you are driving.

I admit to being an offender of distractive driving but have since made it my New Year’s resolution to refrain from using my phone in any manner other than hands-free. I am proud of this decision and I am also proud of developers who create software and applications such as ZoomSafer.

If you wish to sign up for the ZoomSafer beta you can do so at their website which I will provide the link to below. Also, if you happen to be at CES you can visit ZoomSafer at the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall, Booth #2334.

We shouldn’t be ignorant to the dangers of distractive driving and I hope you do your part to help keep yourselves and others safe while driving. Texting and driving, “It can wait.”

Source: ZoomSafer

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