Badland Now Available on Android

Badland Now Available on Android

Dec 2, 2013

One of 2013’s best mobile games, the atmospheric one-button platformer Badland, has made its way from iOS to Android, and is now available on Google Play. Players just need one finger to tap on the screen to move the fuzzy, size-changing protagonist through hazardous levels. The variety of the game combined with the simple mechanic are part of what have made the iOS version of the game so endearing.

The Android version has been released as a freemium game that’s supported with ads and content unlock IAP. Occasional video ads will appear for free players, who get to play the first 40 levels and 3 multiplayer levels. The second 40 levels can be had for $1.99, 17 multiplayer levels for $1.99, and to just disable ads for $0.99. The $1.99 purchases will also disable ads. $2.99 unlocks everything and disables ads. As well, an upcoming online store that will be added will feature real-world Badland merchandise for people to purchase.

Badland is available now on Google Play and is coming soon to Kindle Fire as well.

Carter Dotson
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