Barnes and Noble to Stop Making Nook Android Tablets

Barnes and Noble to Stop Making Nook Android Tablets

Jun 26, 2013

Barnes & Noble’s Android-based Nook tablets are officially dead. The retail chain will still sell the e-ink Nook readers, but their Android tablets are dead.

What started with the Nook Color, led to the Nook Tablet and eventually with the Nook HD line, had shown some signs that perhaps B&N was looking to close down the line of tablets. Google Play was added to the Nook HD tablets, which was great for its users, but seemed to show a shift away from the curated Nook store. This does ensure that the tablets won’t just become bricks once B&N shuts down the Nook Store.

As well, a recent massive price cut on the Nook HD models that started as a Father’s Day special and has since been extended as a seemingly-permanent discount seemed to indicate the start of a clearance push by B&N, and with reports that Nook tablets were selling slowly, this seems to be the case. So, for those looking for cheap tablets…grab them while you still can!

Carter Dotson
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