Bing Rewards App Comes to Android

Bing Rewards App Comes to Android

Oct 20, 2014

Microsoft is bringing Bing rewards management capabilities to Android devices via its Bing Rewards app. The app is only available to US residents at the moment.

Bing Rewards is an incentive program that awards a limited amount of daily points for people that use Bing as their search engine of choice. These points can be redeemed for gift cards from some major retailers and internet shops like Amazon and Starbucks. For folks who are tempted to give Bing a chance over (gasp!) Google Search, this program might help with the decision to dip their toes in Bing’s pool.

The app allows users to earn credits, redeem them for awards, track arrival of rewards. It also allows for users to check their reward level, and how many credits are needed to get to the next level.

As noted, the app is available for US residents only; it can be downloaded from the Play Sore for free.

[Source: Androidcentral]

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