Bird Zapper! Coming to Android this Spring from Namco Bandai Games

Bird Zapper! Coming to Android this Spring from Namco Bandai Games

Apr 1, 2011

Have you ever been just relaxing at home, listening to some music when the power goes out? That’s exactly what’s happened to Skippy the Squirrel. But, in his case, it isn’t just some freak occurrence like a storm or a downed pole, it’s a bunch of birds squatting the power line! You need to get rid of them, and there’s just one way to do it.

In Bird Zapper!, from Namco Bandai Games, you play as Skippy the Squirrel, evicting the annoying avians by matching up same colored birds and zapping them off the line with a good jolt of electricity.

The game will feature three modes of play: Survival, Blitz and Zen.
In Survival, you’ll need to swipe quickly before the meter gets too low. In Blitz, you’re going for the highest score in 60 seconds. In Zen, there are no time limits or score, you’re just zapping birds for the fun of it.

You’ll also have a small variety of special attacks that give you the ability to freeze, target, and bomb the birds to clear them from the power lines.

This game marks Namco Bandai’s first entry into a completely new property for 2011, an important milestone as the company seeks to connect with a broader audience. Carlson Choi, Vice President of Marketing, is quoted as saying, “With Bird Zapper!, we wanted to take advantage of the user-friendly capabilities the portable gaming platform provides so that anyone that owns an iOS or Android device can easily pick up the game and become addicted.”

Bird Zapper! is already available on iOS devices but will be out on Android this Spring. So, if you’re ready to get a little screwy with your inner squirrel, Bird Zapper! looks like the right game for you. Grab those jumper cables and get ready to go nuts!

For more information on Bird Zapper!, be sure to head over to or just watch the gameplay video below to get a better idea of how the game will work.

Source: Namco Bandai Games

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