Black Friday, There’s an App For Umm Yea.

Black Friday, There’s an App For Umm Yea.

Nov 23, 2010

Black Friday is closing in and with it will come troves of deals along with what I like to call the U.S. version of running with the bulls. This next week will bring daily updates and deals that will come and go with every refresh and it sometimes becomes impossible to keep up. Let’s face it, trying to keep track of what store is offering which deal and on which day isn’t the easiest task but thanks to an app by you can now leave your house without the fear of losing out on that $40 espresso machine (and you don’t even drink espresso).

Whether you’re one of those camp out maniacs or a savvy online shopper, the Black Friday App from will help save time and keep you prepared with its many features:

  • Leaked and verified deals – Shoppers can browse “leaked” and confirmed Black Friday ads from more than 60 major retailers.
  • Shopping list creation – When shoppers click a featured deal, they are given the opportunity to “buy now” (if applicable) or “save” to a shopping list for future use.
  • Deal sharing – Each featured deal or discount can be shared with other savvy shoppers via Facebook, Twitter or email, allowing consumers to quickly pass the savings on to friends and family.
  • Direct link to retailer sites – Consumers can go directly to the retailer websites to buy products online (when available), or to find the nearest store.
  • Custom product searches and alerts – Shoppers can quickly and easily find deals for the products they want through individual or combination keyword, category or retail store searches. The app will find all matching deals, or will allow shoppers to set up deal alerts for a particular product.
  • mydealnews integration – Users can sync their mobile phones with previously created alerts on, allowing all deal alerts to be stored and searchable in one location.

There’s only a couple of days left before the big event so if you’re looking for another tool to keep you up to date on Black Friday deals while on the go then follow the link below to download’s Black Friday app. Happy shopping and please try not to trample anyone, it’s just a snow cone maker for Pete’s sake.

Download: Black Friday App

Source:, via Android Central

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