Blanka and Other Street Fighter Characters Added to Combo Crew: Video of the Day

Blanka and Other Street Fighter Characters Added to Combo Crew: Video of the Day

Nov 1, 2013

So when Viewtiful Joe was added to Combo Crew not long ago, it seemed like it was just an odd, curious addition. Well, perhaps it should have been seen as a harbinger of things to come instead, as more Capcom characters have been added to the game as in-app purchases. One in particular of note? Blanka. He’s the best Street Fighter character, so when I saw he was added, I just had to show him off in this edition of Video of the Day.

The Game Bakers have made Blanka fit in well with the series: as I played with his basic attacks, I saw that they were all based on his moves from the series, both standard attacks and his specials. While it looks like electric shocks are not available initially, he can launch himself as a ball at opponents.

Buying Blanka or another character isn’t an instant-win mechanism: I struggled to last very long with him, as seen in this video. I blame that on rust, I wasn’t warmed up! I hadn’t played Combo Crew in a while! Any other number of a million excuses!

If you want to take this fearsome fighter out comboing, he’s available as an in-app purchase now in Combo Crew, available on Google Play. Until then, watch the video below showing off Blanka.

Carter Dotson
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