The Blockheads Now On Android with Latest 1.4 Content Update: Video of the Day

The Blockheads Now On Android with Latest 1.4 Content Update: Video of the Day

Oct 10, 2013

The Blockheads released earlier this year on iOS, the hard work of Dave Frampton of Majic Jungle, the one-man studio. It was his take on a mobile-friendly Minecraft-style game, and was free-to-play. Android players need not be left out any more, as The Blockheads is now on Android thanks to the porting work of Noodlecake Games, and we’ve featured it as our Video of the Day.

The most interesting thing about The Blockheads is that it’s more of a strategy game than an action-survival one like Minecraft and the like, thanks in part to the fact that players essentially give commands to the blockhead that they control, and can eventually control multiple blockheads. It’s a different take, and it actually works great for mobile because it’s possible to queue up multiple actions.

Unlike most iOS-to-Android ports, The Blockheads comes fully-featured. In fact, the game launches with the 1.4 update that the iOS version is getting on the same day today – this includes a new HD texture mode, trains, new crafting recipes, and more. Check out the first moments of the game below, and then download the game for yourself from Google Play.

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