BlueStacks Brings Android Apps to Windows PCs

BlueStacks Brings Android Apps to Windows PCs

Mar 29, 2012

BlueStacks has introduced a new tool allowing Windows users to use Android apps on their PC. No, this isn’t an installation of Android on Windows like the x86 Project, but an actual way to run Android apps on a Windows PC. By installing it on Windows, various Android apps and games can be played directly from any compatible Windows computer. No Mac version is currently available, though.

On the Android side, it’s possible to use BlueStacks Cloud Connect to sync up apps to the PC side of BlueStacks in order to easily use favorite apps on PC. This makes it easier to use apps like text messagers, or audio playback software, and games not yet available on PC.

Currently, BlueStacks is free to use while in beta. It’s using an interesting consumer-focused model in its early stages, with eventual subscription options that will be made available, bringing additional premium apps to BlueStacks‘ current offering. The BlueStacks Cloud Connect app is available from Google Play.

Carter Dotson
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