Books Now Available in the Android Web Market

Books Now Available in the Android Web Market

Feb 25, 2011

Have you visited the Android Web Market lately? If not, go check it out. You will notice a “Books” section listed and I bet you can guess what that means. Yep, you can now purchase books via the Android Web Market and the UI features the same polished format as the “Apps” section. You can browse by categories, new arrivals, top selling and top free. Each book page features a short description of the book along with reader reviews. Find authors you enjoy and click on their name to view a collection of their available titles. Purchasing books follows the same simple procedures as buying apps and they become available almost instantly.

Having books available in the Android Market makes things much easier for someone like myself who is constantly perusing around looking for apps. I find the Android Market layout to be a bit cleaner and more polished than the site which believe it or not launched just a couple of months ago (I know, seems like forever ago).

I’m betting the launch of the Motorola XOOM is to thank for this recent change and I actually got to use one today and the Google Books experience on the XOOM is excellent. If you have yet to try out Google Books, it is available in the Android Market for devices running Android 2.1+ and is slowly becoming my ebook reader of choice. Links and screenshots below.

Source: Android Market / Books

Download: Google Books App

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