Bulkypix’s Pretentious Game Comes to Android in December

Bulkypix’s Pretentious Game Comes to Android in December

Nov 29, 2013

Keybol Games, a one man Filipino game studio, and mobile developer BulkyPix (Redneck Revenge, Yesterday, Asterix series) have teamed up to bring mobile users the most metrical game ever, Pretentious Game.

Pretentious Game is a unique amalgamation of poetry and simple blocky platformer. As the developer puts it:

[Pretentious Game] Powerful story about love, the title explores the sense of loss and (re)discovery of the other. Between each platform and each riddles, many levels of understanding are possible.

This title, which will run $0.99 on the Google Play store upon its release, will be available to Android users on December 5th.

Mike Deneen
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  • thol

    I demand Bulkypix to MENTION Keybol Games (with nationality INCLUDED!) in this game’s description on iOS app Sotre and Google Play, and I also demand ALL MOBILE GAMING SITES to mention Keybol games if they write an article about this game!!!