BuzzVoice Goes Free

BuzzVoice Goes Free

Oct 14, 2010

Good news for all you menaces to society still reading your favorite news/blogs while trying to drive. You can now dock your phone and have your news/blogs read aloud to you for absolutely FREE! That’s right, BuzzVoice for Android, released less than 2 months ago, has decided to offer its services free of charge.

What’s BuzzVoice, you ask? It’s a service which collects stories from over 1,600 of the web’s top news and blogs and converts them to audio in real-time. This is an amazing service for those of us who live very hectic lives. BuzzVoice gives you the freedom to listen to your favorite blogs while still being able to complete your everyday tasks. Listen while driving, working out at the gym or when going for a walk. Since BuzzVoice will work in the background you can still listen while checking Twitter, Facebook or email.

For all of us Android users, BuzzVoice has taken advantage of our lust for Android News and comes equipped with an “Android Radio” Station. You can now stay up to date with all your top Android blogs like Android Central, Phandroid, Android and Me, Android Guys, Android Police, Android Tapp, Androinica, Android Spin & more (what? no android rundown?). If you can’t find a certain blog on the list, no need to worry. Just bump up to a PRO subscription ($4.99) and you can add any RSS feed to your playlist along with many other extra features.

Now that BuzzVoice has become a free service I really can’t find a reason not to download it (other than data caps). Check out the video below to see BuzzVoice in action and then head over to the market and download it for FREE! Did I mention it’s FREE!?

Source: Buzz Voice, via Android Police

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