CallApp Tries to Improve the Phone Contact Experience

CallApp Tries to Improve the Phone Contact Experience

May 25, 2012

Recently revealed and launched at TechCrunch Disrupt, CallApp has a goal: to try and improve contact phone contacts. It does this by integrating important information from social networks about contacts, in order to offer more information on a contact when calling them than just “I’m on a call with this person.”

For example, when calling a person, CallApp can find information to improve the caller ID experience, listing not just their name but who they are, listing mutual friend connections, work info, and the last messages they sent to the user’s phone and email address. CallApp claims that they do respect privacy settings on various social networks, so Facebook profile information that’s privacy-restricted will not appear through CallApp.

When calling a business, CallApp can aggregate information like reviews and maps, helping to save time. No longer is it necessary to call and ask for directions! When calling other CallApp users, it’s possible to share photos, location, contacts info, and more. It’s even possible to use VOIP services with the app to help save on phone minutes. CallApp is available now from Google Play for free.

Carter Dotson
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