Chaos Rings, a $12.99 Game, Locks Out Rooted Users

Chaos Rings, a $12.99 Game, Locks Out Rooted Users

Oct 16, 2012

How about this for anti-consumer behavior? Square Enix recently released Chaos Rings, their original RPG for mobile devices, to Android. There’s just one problem: users with rooted devices are reporting that they can’t play the game as Square Enix blocked the game from running after it was installed on these devices..

The slap in the face isn’t just that they’re blocking rooted devices, but that they’re expecting people to pay $12.99 for a game (all their titles are well above market prices for games, which is not necessarily a bad thing – if they want to make money at a premium price, I say good for them) and then blocking devices that are rooted. Pretty much the only thing that blocking rooted devices really prevents is save game modification. It doesn’t block piracy unless a carrier has blocked sideloading, and that’s a rarity nowadays.

Square Enix is saying that they will change this in the near future (possibly this week), but the problem is that they felt like this was necessary in the first place. DRM only hurts legitimate consumers. This is especially true as people found a way around the rooting lockout anyway. Because they rooted their devices and aren’t afraid to poke around in the filesystem and change some things. If you’re going to stop hackers, you really need to put up a brick wall, not just a small fence.

Carter Dotson
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