Chase Mobile Banking App For Android

Chase Mobile Banking App For Android

Nov 22, 2010

Many Android users who do banking with Chase have been anxiously awaiting an app to help make banking on the go an easier experience, and now that wait is over. Chase finally released their finished product (which I’ve heard was worth the wait) and it is now available on the Android Market. I haven’t personally used the app only because of the fact that I am not a Chase customer but I’ll give you guys a look at some of the features offered:

  • View account balances.
  • Pay bills and credit cards.
  • Transfer money.
  • Quick Deposit – Using your device’s camera you can make instant deposits by taking a picture of the front and back of the check.
  • Locate Chase branches and ATMs.

In order to take advantage of all the features offered you must be enrolled in Chase online which is free and easy to set up.

Being able to use your mobile device for banking is a great convenience but is it safe? You should always be cautious and responsible when it comes to your information and Chase also knows the importance of security. That is why Chase uses a 128-bit SSL encryption technology to protect your information as it travels from your mobile device to the bank. You can also feel safe knowing that your Chase user ID and password are never stored on your device and must be inputed every session in order to access your account (5 incorrect attempts may lock your account).

To download Chase Mobile for Android or for more information just follow the links below:

Download: Chase Mobile App

Chase Mobile information.

Source: Android Central

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