Checking out the iDevices Socket

Checking out the iDevices Socket

Apr 29, 2017

When it comes to creating that perfect connected home, there are serious benefits to using Android as the connecting piece. Google’s ecosystem provides access to all manner of hardware, and the Play Store hosts all sorts of software to ease along the process.

Finally, we are beginning to see more hardware vendors open up to Android control as well… vendors like iDevices.

The iDevices Socket Connected Light Bulb Adapter is a simple accessory that turns a regular bulb to a smart bulb. Now, when used with a bulb along with the iDevices Connected application (that is hosted on Google Play), one can manipulate said bulb in numerous ways… wirelessly even.

The unit itself, at first glance, looks like a slick standalone bulb holder from a lamp; it’s mostly white on the outside, with a chrome-finish screw in end. It has a simple button on the outer circumference, and the interior has the logical receptacle for a bulb. Interestingly, it has an LED ring at the top. It feels well fused, with just enough heft.

And as for usage? Easy peasy. Just put it in a bulb socket, and even before attaching a bulb, when connected to the aforementioned app, the LED provides an interesting bit of mobile-controlled effects. In practice, it took me quite a bi to get the firmware upgraded, but when that was done, the app unveiled some great options.


First, the app can turn the installed “regular” bulb on and off. With a dimmable bulb, one can get even fancier, dimming lights on the fly. The LED acts like a cool night light, and the colors can be tweaked using presets or a color bar. Then, there’s the programmable options, perfect for travel lights.

Toss in iDevice cloud access and Amazon Alexa functionality, and you have a the beginning of a pretty impressive system.

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