ClockworkMod Tether Brings Tethering to Android Users for Free

ClockworkMod Tether Brings Tethering to Android Users for Free

Jan 3, 2012

The beauty of the ClockworkMod team’s projects has been to help open up users’ phones to greater customization and expanded usability by way of tools like DeskSMS, ROM Manager, and Clockwork Mod Recovery. They have enabled users to use features outside of what their carrier deems that they should use. However, the latest project from a member of their team is designed for users who are not at all for the installation of custom ROMs, but want to strike back at the tyranny of carriers and use their phones as they please – at least as far as tethering is concerned.

CLockwork Mod’s Koushik Dutta put out an alpha release of ClockworkMod Tether, a USB tethering app for Android that does not require root access to run at all. Users simply download an installer for Windows, Mac, or Linus, available from the Google+ post announcing Tether’s release. This installs the program for making Tether work on the computer, as well as the drivers necessary for the computer side application to work. If all goes as planned (and with this being alpha software, it might not), it will install the Tether app on the phone as well, assuming USB debugging is enabled. Then, the app will tether the Android phone’s mobile data connection to the computer of choice.

While this app is still in very early form, it should prove to be popular as work continues on it. Finding ways to tether without paying exorbitant fees to carriers for a feature that can be enabled in software and uses the data users already have access to, just in a different way, is the grail quest for many. A post of ours from a while back discussing tethering remains the most-commented post on the site by far. A supposedly-undetectable solution from a top developer for free should prove to be popular, indeed.

Carter Dotson
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