Clue gets update, teases upcoming new feature

Clue gets update, teases upcoming new feature

Apr 19, 2017

I’m kinda old school in that I like my board games. That love is helped along with the recent wave of digitized board games, and Hasbro’s Clue recently got the treatment courtesy of Marmalade Game Studio.

Now, we can find out who dispatched Boddy/Black… on the go.

Of course, we had to take it for a formal run.

In any case, the recently released game is now receiving an update. The new build adds social networking connectivity — specifically Facebook. Also added is a ranking system, power-ups, leaderboards, rewards, push notifications and more.

Still, it was the last note in the changelog that really had us smile. In our review, we noted it is a pretty faithful recreation of the original, but almost begs for a multiplayer mode.

Well, according to the update notes, that is coming. Soon.

Per Google Play:

– New end of game ranking system
– Weekly Leaderboards
– Ability to connect to Facebook
– Daily Rewards
– 4 Hint Card power ups
– Push Notifications
– Improvements to environments with particle effects
Multiplayer COMING SOON!!!

We’ll be eagerly waiting; the game remains available on Google Play for the one-ime price of $3.99.

[Our Clue Review]

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