Color’s Future Gets Brighter with Verizon Deal

Color’s Future Gets Brighter with Verizon Deal

May 8, 2012

Color, an app by a startup from Bill Nguyen, may have been well-known for their initial crash and burn on iOS. The app was initially designed to share photos to users within a short distance. Privacy issues helped to sink it, but it came back with a new incarnation: sharing of photos and short live video clips from a phone, all linked through Facebook. The relaunch appears to be picking up steam, as now Color has partnered up with Verizon to bring an enhanced version of the app to their phones.

The app will now come preinstalled on Verizon phones (remember, there’s always the ability to freeze preinstalled apps on Ice Cream Sandwich) and will boast higher quality video streaming from Verizon phones over LTE.

While Color has only had approximately one million users so far, Bill Nguyen’s startups can’t be counted out, as he has sold a one of his startups, the music streaming service Lala, to Apple, which may now be part of Apple’s iTunes Match service. This could be a big step in the rise of Color from the ashes it quickly found itself covered in.

Carter Dotson
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