Comcast XFINITY Mobile App Available For Android

Comcast XFINITY Mobile App Available For Android

Dec 9, 2010

Comcast, Xfinity, whatever they are calling themselves, has finally got around to releasing an app for Android. I happen to be a Comcast customer (no Verizon fios in my area) and couldn’t wait to download this app and see what features I would be getting. I soon realized that while it was something, it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. I was hoping for the ability to watch TV or On Demand on my phone but I was once again disappointed by Comcast (go figure). I guess I will have to continue to use my Slingbox/Slingplayer combo to watch TV on my phone. There are however some useful features to take advantage of if you happen to be a Comcast subscriber.

With the XFINITY Mobile app you have one easily accessible inbox for your Comcast email and voicemail. Email and Voice features also include:

  • Push notifications for new email and voicemail
  • Visual voicemail with caller photos
  • View your home phone call logs for missed and received calls
  • Forward your home phone calls to your Android or another number
  • Listen to your voicemail in any order and click to call back
  • Forward a voicemail as an attachment to any email
  • Sync your Android contacts with your online Universal Address Book

As I already stated, you will not find any streaming content but here are some of the TV features you will get with the XFINITY Mobile app:

  • Browse your TV listings in portrait and landscape view
  • Schedule and manage your upcoming DVR recordings (Not available in all areas).
  • Mark your favorite channels and programs with one tap access
  • Get reminders for shows you don’t want to miss
  • Watch trailers for the latest movies available On Demand
  • Browse through the latest listings of movies or pick your favorite category of movies – Action, Comedy, Drama, Family & Kids, Top Movies

The XFINITY Mobile app also comes with a widget for quick viewing of emails and voice calls. You can also play your newest voicemail right from the widget. If you’re a Comcast subscriber this app is worth a look considering it’s available for free. Follow the links or head on over to the Android Market to download the XFINITY Mobile app today.

Downoad: XFINITY Mobile

Source: Xfinity via Android Central

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    This app needs a lot of work, I consistantly have problems, e-mail locks up, it will go into ‘updating’ mode and stay int hat mode for up to an hour, totally draining the battery. Sometime when opening the app, e-mails that were deleted day’s ago on line (using your PC on the web) show up. When you do get the list of e-mail that is current many time you open one of the e-mail, but when trying to go back to the list, all of the new e-mails are then gone, they won’t refresh. I am using a Samsung Vibrant, and firmware 2.1.

  • I agree this app has a lot of issues. I have heard a lot of complaints. I’m a DISH Network consumer/employee and the app offered by DISH works great, and it’s easy to use. DISH also has the TV Everywhere that allows you to go anywhere not just within your home. With DISH you can go to the park go to the mall or where ever and you have your TV. Xfinity just stuck in one spot within your home should be labeled anywhere in your home not TV Everywhere. Find out more where on this great feature from DISH.

  • You can read more about Xfinity over @, even check out the new Xfinity Spectrum DVR

  • Anonymous

    Mine lacks landscape viewing which is a pain. I see it listed in their features though. Hopefully they enable this soon.

  • Susan

    I’m having app problems with syncing my xfinity/comcast contacts with my phone. Does anyone have any advice for me.
    Phone is Samsung Galaxy S.