Consumer Reports Introduces Mobile Shopper 2012 App for Android

Consumer Reports have long been known for their product testing, with their magazine and we site having been around for a long time, providing reviews of many products. Nowadays, many people don’t have time to check the magazine or even search the website in order to get product reviews, especially when shopping on the go. Many consumers use barcode scanners and apps like Google Shopper to help make decisions on products they want to purchase while on the go, able to look up products and prices directly from their phone. In response, Consumer Reports has launched a new app for Android to help consumers when out shopping. Meet Mobile Shopper 2012.

The app offers the ability to search for various products by both searching in the app, and with the ability to search for products by UPC barcode. This isn’t just a typical shopping app with barcode scanning, as when products are looked up, Consumer Reports reviews are available along with the product data. As well, users can see which products get a rating of Recommended from Consumer Reports, and which apps are rated as Best Buys. Users can also see which brands are rated the most reliable by Consumer Reports. Need a second, third, fourth, et cetera opinion? Then browse through reviews submitted by Consumer Reports readers and users of the app. Find a product worthy of sharing with friends, family, and other acquaintances on social media? The app comes built-in with sharing to Twitter and Facebook. Finally, products can be saved to a quick access list for calling them up later, if window shopping is the goal, not actual product buying on the spot.

Mobile Shopper 2012 is available now from the Android Market for $4.99.
This is more than most barcode scanners, but the additional Consumer Reports features should hopefully provide additional value where other similar apps are lacking. Of course, we hope that the Mayans are wrong, so that a Mobile Shopper 2013 would at least be a possibility.

Carter Dotson
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