Consummate ’80s Brand Commodore is Back with an Android Phone

Consummate ’80s Brand Commodore is Back with an Android Phone

Jul 16, 2015

For a lot of who cut our gadget teeth on that intense technological awakening knows as “The ’80s,” Commodore was the computer company for the masses. Heck, their logo said as much. From PCs to gaming consoles, it was known and loved.

And now, the once retired imprint will be on something new: an Android-powered smartphone, According to Wired, a different entity that acquired the rights to the name in several companies is planning to release a Commodore Android device.

Dubbed the Commodore PET — get it? — the upcoming device isn’t a specs powerhouse, but does stand out in a serious way: it packs two emulators for folks to run legacy Commodore games on.

Word on the street is it’ll go live in Europe first. It will reportedly come in different colors, and, according to the source article, will come in two flavors, both under $370.

If anything, the gaming angle is pretty interesting; the cool reminisce factor is value-added.



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