Content Ratings Coming to Android Apps

Content Ratings Coming to Android Apps

Nov 30, 2010

Google announced that app content ratings will soon be implemented into the Android Market. Starting this week (Now live in developers console: thanks Android Central) developers will be required to include a rating for all applications and games uploaded onto the Android Market. Apps and games will now be categorized under one of the four content rating levels: All, Pre-teen, Teen, & Mature. This is great news for users in my opinion and will add another way to sort and identify apps and their content. From what I understand, this announcement does not mean there will be any sort of restrictions based on content rating, but rather more of a reference guide for users.

As I was reading through the details I noticed that developer ratings will need to include user generated content and ads, and content that their apps link to. For me, those are important inclusions and I was very happy to see them. As a parent, one of my biggest gripes with some apps or games has been that while the app itself is age appropriate, sometimes the in-app ads/links are not. I do my best to ensure my children are exposed only to what I feel is appropriate and ads/links are hard to monitor unless you are hovering over your child the entire time they are using the app/game.

I believe we are going to see a huge change in the Android Market in the near future and it will be a long time coming. This announcement just reinforces that belief and I can’t wait to see what other changes Google implements. The Android Market has been the single biggest complaint amongst Android users and I’m glad to see them finally taking steps to help give users a better Market experience. What do you think? Is Google heading in the right direction with these ratings or do you fear this is going to be the start of something ugly?

Follow the link below for more information as to rating specifics and what to expect.

Rating your application for Android Market

Source: Android Developers Blog

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