Control Netflix on PS3 Using the Android App

Control Netflix on PS3 Using the Android App

Sep 27, 2012

Updates have rolled out for the PS3 and Android versions of Netflix recently, and it looks like an enterprising developer has snuck in a cleverly useful feature: the ability to remotely control the PS3 Netflix from Android. Launch the app from both devices, select something to watch on Android, and a prompt to choose which device to watch on will pop up. Choose PS3, and it will start playing the movie on there, with controls available on the Android device.

Of course, good luck getting through a whole TV episode or movie on Netflix before it disconnects because Sony puts out another software update for the PS3, which they do pretty much every half-hour.

Some users are reporting this feature not working. No matter, for rooted devices, BlueputDroid will turn an Android device into a Bluetooth keyboard that could then be used to navigate the PS3 menus if necessary.

Xbox 360 owners are out of luck at the moment, as it does not appear to work, and My Xbox Live still does not support remote Xbox controls like the iOS app does. Still, at least it doesn't require an update every time a bell chimes.

The Netflix app with the clandestine remote controls is available now.

Carter Dotson
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  • Pasillas

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