Create Your Own Levels For #Dungeon

Create Your Own Levels For #Dungeon

Feb 24, 2014

Dungeon 2

That’s not a typo. The new zelda-like action-game, #Dungeon, that unmistakably looks like the original Legend Of Zelda – or, more likely, like Binding of Isaac – utilizes Twitter in a unique way. The game’s level generator allows the gamers to create new levels themselves and then share the code in just a single tweet, with a special hashtag “#HashtagDungeon”. Also, apparently the game will feature an unhealthy amount of Dwarves. #Dungeon will be available on Google Play later. Look for the updates here: #Dungeon on Twitter.

Tony Kuzmin
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  • OxyOxspring

    You can never have too many dwarves. :P