Crowdfunding Spotlight: Fat Cheeks: The Cannonball on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Fat Cheeks: The Cannonball on Kickstarter

Apr 9, 2014

Spring time has officially arrived; at least that is what people keep telling me, and what better way to ring in the new season then by spotlighting a game that features an anthropomorphic squirrel collecting nuts while flying through the air. The title is more than fitting as the protagonist, Fat Cheeks, is literally launched from a cannon and soars through the landscape dodging foliage and mountains; all the while actively fighting off legions of furry enemies. At first glance Fat Cheeks: the Cannonball looks like a classic Flappy Bird copy, but that is a shallow assessment. Looking deeper and there are enough differences here to dissuade real complaints and the addition of the ability to attack enemies adds a much needed new gameplay element to what is ultimately a stale and overworn genera. Sure, the core fundamentals stay the same, tap to rise and avoid all obstacles, but Fat Cheeks seems to do this with aplomb and “falls with style” better than similar efforts.

Ryan Gallini, the creator of this game, has done an incredible job hand painting the graphics and creating a game that visually stands heads and shoulders above its competition. The animals are appropriately adorable and the three different level designs are unique and compelling. These various levels host different enemies with their own various attacks and strategies. By varying up the gameplay, Ryan has created a game that could potentially harbor more replay value than just simply attempting to best a high score.

At time of writing the KickStarter campaign is still more than $5,000 short of being successfully funded, but with 25 days to go this seems easily achievable. All it takes is one dollar to earn a free copy of the game when it debuts on Android, iOS, and online at their website and the Chrome Store. To be honest I initially passed over this effort as just another clone, but after taking a look further I found that there are undeniable redeeming qualities that warrant a trip to the Fat Cheeks: The Cannonball KickStarter page for a small contribution.

Joseph Bertolini
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