The Curse Goes Free for the Holidays in New Release

The Curse Goes Free for the Holidays in New Release

Dec 12, 2012

Ho ho ho and a thumbs up to all! The Curse, Toy Studio’s puzzle game of many hats, is celebrating the holidays in a special way: by going free! That means that it’s now possible to try and tackle The Mannequin’s devious brain-bending puzzles without paying the steep fee for buying it. One to three dollars for 100 puzzles? Too expensive!

However, on Android, there’s an interesting situation: because apps can’t go to free without being able to go back to paid, those who want to take on The Mannequin without any financial investment will have a special holiday version to download. It’s the same as the full version, but with the added benefit of seeing The Mannequin in a Santa hat. He’s still rather villainous – but festive!

Considering that games going from paid to free is a rather valid strategy for apps on the App Store, it seems silly that there’s still no way to do it on Google Play for developers. But still, there’s ways for developers to pull it off. The Curse: Holiday Sale is available now from Google Play, for a limited time.

Carter Dotson
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