Dawn of Titans Tips and Tricks

Dawn of Titans Tips and Tricks

Jan 31, 2017

It’s easy to a shine to Dawn of Titans. The empire building games has everything a kingdom marauder could want: gold, farms, relics,sky-borne lands… and giants.


Yep, count us amongst the smitten.

If you wanna get ahead fast, we’ve prepared a list of simple things that can help the greenest newbies get a foothold in this complex game.

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Here are some rudimentary tips:

Fight. A lot.

Engage in battles, be they PvP or campaigns. It’s an easy way to do a host of things: accumulate resources, gain XP, improve Titan levels and pick up all-important VP. Plus, there are always bonus rewards to pick up.

When raiding other players, it is so easy to pick on easier prey; it pays to attack players at higher levels though.

Pick your battles

Pick who you pick on with a degree of care. Check what the player you want to take on has by way of defenses. Does he/she belong to a huge alliance that can come back at you with a vengeance? Sometimes, it’s a good idea to shore up your defenses before taking on extra people.

Max out your farms and mines

The interesting thing about kingdom building in Dawn of Titans is that the game forces you to build and upgrade uniformly. Wanna upgrade the castle? Well that requires Building x to be at Level y. Oh, by the way, getting to level y means Building a has to be at level b.

In some ways, this is great, because it allows you to build somewhat evenly across the board. On the other hand, it can be tricky to pick and choose specific tracks.

Take the time to grow resource storage (vault, granary, etc), because it’s tough (read: impossible) to collect enough gold and/or food when you don’t have the space to store them. Overnights are best for the longer upgrades.

Join an alliance (available at the 1k vp threshold)

There is strength in numbers. Find an alliance, and make friends. Alliances help with advice, reinforcements and can stand up to bullies.

Keep troops trained/upgraded

Don’t forget to upgrade troops as you move up the ranks. Competition gets tougher, so getting the best fighters out there becomes quite important.

Fuse away!

Fuse those titans. Better yet, fuse weaker ones into titans of higher abilities (stars).

Beyond creating stronger fighters, it helps with gem rewards every so often… and gems are important.

Don’t forget relics

Think of relics as boosts and bonuses. Chances are, if you’re new, you’ve started to amass them and either don’t know how to use them, or don’t even know you have them.

And don’t be bashful about using them; you have only so many slots for them, so use them, and repair the ones you can when you are able to.


Are so very useful. Keep them, but don’t hoard them, as they can be used for a host of operations. Along those lines, endeavor to complete the daily tasks. The payout? Yes, you guessed it…

Check out the DOT Wiki

The gamepedia pages are a fantastic resource. Enough said.

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