Dawn of Titans unveils new content

Dawn of Titans unveils new content

May 12, 2017

NaturalMotion’s exceptionally popular PvP thriller Dawn of Titans just received an update that brings a whole new battling mode in a time limited event.

Now, players can take part in Trials of Power. In this mode, a player selects his troops, and takes on waves and waves of computer generated enemies. The idea is to dispatch as many of the enemy as possible — for points, no less — and stay alive as long as possible.

You keep going (and the enemies keep coming) until all your troops are exhausted.

Those accumulated points? Well, they can be used to procure all manner of goodies, and there is a very special prize for the player who has the most points at the end of the event.

Officially, per Google Play:


Fellow Titans! The new SURVIVAL event, TRIALS OF POWER has arrived!
Head to the frontline for a new battle mode in Dawn of Titans!
– Take on hordes of enemies against the clock in special battles to build up points.
– Build up your points throughout the event for a chance to win gems, elixirs and a Titan!
– The champion of TRIALS OF POWER will be awarded with the ultimate Titan – URAKOR THE FIRE KING!

We definitely enjoyed Dawn of Titans when we took it for a spin, so much so that we felt compelled to help newbies out with some tips and tricks.

In any case, get you a piece. Dawn of Titans is available for free (with optional in-app purchases) on the Play Store.


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