Last Day on Earth: Tips and Tricks

Last Day on Earth: Tips and Tricks

Jul 31, 2017

Zombies are the in-thing, and Last Day on Earth: Survival is a game that really brings them to life. It’s an expansive game, and even as it makes its way to full release, we can’t stop talking about it.

Here are some tips and tricks — for the true newbies — to help you get going.

Get a stash of edible resources
Food and drink are very important (duh!). As you play, there are hunger and thirst meters that inexorably tick down to zero. Reaching zero on either means death, so it is important to consume sustenance when warning pangs begin to appear.

Along these lines, it might be a good idea to always have a snack and/or drink handy when out and about. Depending on the locale, it might also be a good idea to pick up some berries or even rustle up some game meat to supplement your eats.

But don’t forget that water. “Regular” food does help with thirst, but nothing beats a bottle of water.

Don’t throw stuff away
This one is obvious, but crafting makes up a huge part of this game. When you are out and about collecting stuff, you’ll most likely find pieces that might not feel that important. Keep them.

Being a beta and all, there are quite a few teased vehicles that aren’t available yet. Those pieces will become important.

Opportunity costs abound; choose wisely
So much of the gameplay comes down to choice.

Right from the beginning, you accumulate limited resources. Then, you have to decide what to use these resources to do. Some things might feel more important than others… that rain catcher, for instance, is a great pickup. One might be able to hold off on making, say, a gunsmith table, even after it is available.

The same applies to making runs. Limited space to carry all those things, so you have to decide what is most important… or spend valuable energy on multiple trips.

Fight. A lot
To get the important stuff unlocked, you need to reach specific XP thresholds, and one of the best ways to reach those markers is to dispatch zombies. Hey, find some and go to town, and watch the XP pile up.

An added advantage is that some zombies have goodies you can pick up, including those ultra important bunker access cards. Other survivors can be tricky, but the payoffs for taking them out can be well worth it.

Bonus tip: crouching and creeping up on enemies is the way to go.

…but don’t be scared to run
Look, discretion is sometimes the better part of valor. It might behoove you to sneak away. Other times, running at a fast clip to avoid gruesome toxic spitters or floater bloaters is smart. No shame in staying alive.

When you die in-game, you re-spawn at your home… with nothing but the red underwear you started with. That means you lose any food, weapons, raw materials and the like that you acquired. This can be painful, so knowing when to flee to the safe green areas bordering the environments is important.

Bonus tip: if you die away from home and lost a bunch of stuff, you might be able to recover the loot from your dead body (no, really) if you go back immediately after re-spawning. It’s an interesting game quirk.

Farming is key
You’ll need raw materials, and a lot of them. The batch that is accessible in your home environment is simply a starter stash, and you’ll have to travel to get more. So, get storage boxes, and get those materials. Wood, ore, limestone plant fiber, seeds and the like. Plant seeds are great; along with a garden or two, they can provide a never-ending supply of carrots. Wood is a biggie, as is iron ore — down the road.

Bonus tip: see if you can get rid of all the zombies, and then activate “auto” to let your character farm automatically. XP galore!

Remember: it’s a beta
Officially, this one is still in beta. There is talk about the eventuality of a server wipe when it really goes live.


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