Dead Trigger 2 Now on Android: Video of the Day

Dead Trigger 2 Now on Android: Video of the Day

Oct 28, 2013

Dead Trigger 2 is out now on Android from Madfinger Games, and it brings with it plenty more zombies, new missions, and a new game structure.

While there’s still plenty of generic missions to do of various types, there’s now narrative-driven missions that mostly involve the objectives done in other missions, but they go a long way toward making the game feel more involving and fun. As well, upgrades are all done through various characters in the menu system, which is a running theme through this game: it’s meant to feel better. That extends to the controls as well.

The touchscreen controls have been made to be more accurate than ever, showing a lot of work has gone into the feel of them. Through a helping of auto-aim and what I can imagine was only endless amounts of tweaking, this might be the best-feeling first-person shooter on touchscreens yet. Of course gamepads are still supported – this is a Madfinger game after all.

We’ll have a full review shortly, but until then, check out video of the game and download it from Google Play.

Carter Dotson
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