Developer Makes Game, Shape Buster, for Wife; Probably is Better Than Your Valentine’s Day Gift

Developer Makes Game, Shape Buster, for Wife; Probably is Better Than Your Valentine’s Day Gift

Feb 15, 2013

So hey, Valentine’s Day was yesterday. For those who are romantically entangled, hopefully you didn’t forget to get your sweetheart anything to celebrate the day, unless they said they didn’t want anything and really meant it. Well, I am here to make you feel inferior because your gift was probably inferior to Mike Sorrenti’s. He made a game that his wife would love and released it to the world. Called Shape Buster, it’s a puzzle game where player have to draw lines connecting three pieces of the same color in order to detonate them. Upon first glance, it’s very similar to last year’s release Photon, but with a bigger and more open playing field.

Mike Sorrenti says “My wife has always been a huge fan of Tetris and Lumines and I thought of her while we were working out game-play and the game’s story. Eventually it turned into a game made solely for her with most of the gameplay guidance coming from her comments and testing sessions. I figured if I could create something she enjoyed playing then others would surely like it as well. She helped by testing often and showed early versions of the game to her friends who loved it as well. Most days I couldnt get my wife away from the game. She was totally immersed and kept asking to borrow my phone. This made me think we were really onto something.“ How sweet/humiliating for those who just gave flowers and candy to their sweethearts.

Folks who are single and ready to Pringle can play this game too, preferably while enjoying discounted post-Valentine’s Day candy. You win. Any and all can play Rock Blocker on Google Play and Amazon Appstore. There’s 364 days to the next Valentine’s DAy. Get coding.

Carter Dotson
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