Disney Mobile Brings Hit Game Where’s My Water? to Android

We had the opportunity to speak with Bart Decrem, GM of Disney Mobile, about Where’s My Water?, a success on the iOS App Store, coming to the Android platform for the first time.

According to Decrem, Android has been part of the plan since the development of Where’s My Water? for the iPhone crowd. In fact, the game was originally developed with C++, to make it easier to port to Android. The challenge, he said, is making sure the game is the same high quality experience across the myriad devices represented by Google’s hip operating system. Disney Mobile promised that Where’s My Water? can be played on over 700 different Android devices, which basically amounts to all devices that have been released in the past two years, excluding budget devices.

What makes the game such a hit, says, Decrem, is not just the well-tuned puzzles, but the original character, Swampy the Alligator – a Disney style character that players get water for to help him take a bath.

Disney also announced that Swampy will make his debut online in a 12 episode web series called, Where’s My Water?, the Adventures of Swampy. The 3-4 minute weekly episodes are slated to launch on Disney Online in January. Whether this drives purchases of the game remains to be seen, though taking Angry Birds as an example, a transmedia approach can work well.

Where’s My Water? is available now in the Android Market for $0.99.

Rob LeFebvre
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