Dream of Pixels Now on Android: Video of the Day

Dream of Pixels was one of 2012’s best puzzle games on iOS, and thanks to Noodlecake Games, it’s now on Android, and is featured as our video of the day. This takes the Tetris formula and inverts it: now blocks are descending down the screen, and players have to tap to remove tetromino-shaped pieces from the board. Only pieces that can make their escape by falling down the screen can be removed. This manifests itself in multiple ways, from an endlessly-scrolling puzzle mode where players must keep blocks from scrolling off the screen, and puzzle modes where pieces most be removed in the correct order to solve the puzzle.

While Dream of Pixels was beloved by critics and its players, didn’t sell as well as it could have, so it’s undergoing a free-to-play relaunch, with the game being available with its standard endless and puzzle modes for free, and three additional modes available for an in-app purchase of about $3 or so, which also disables the advertisements in the game. It’s available now from Google Play.

Carter Dotson
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