DriveSavers offers free data recovery for people affected by Hurricane Harvey

DriveSavers offers free data recovery for people affected by Hurricane Harvey

Aug 30, 2017

There are definitely quite a few things more important than material possessions; as Hurricane Harvey ravages parts of the United States — and as we recoil from the destruction and loss — we are equally uplifted by stories of heroism and neighborliness.

We are also seeing corporations step up to the plate, helping in anyway they can. Add data recovery firm DriveSavers to the list.

The company is offering to help recover data from water-damaged hard drives, smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on. This offer is available to all who are affected by the tropical storm.

DriveSavers president Scott Moyer talks about helping to retrieve priceless materials. “DriveSavers is known worldwide for recovering data from severely traumatized devices including those that have been dropped, burnt, crushed and fully submerged in water,” he says. “We’re pleased to offer our expertise to those who’ve lost irreplaceable data like photos and videos of loved ones, business files and financial records.”

According to the press release, folks do have to act relatively quickly; according to DriveSavers, this is to account for corrosion and the like. Devices and units must be shipped by September 15th. There is a one device per household limit, but DriveSavers is offering a discount to folks with more/advanced equipment.

The company promises to look to do as many pieces as it can, based on costs and available personnel.

[via DriveSavers Press Release]

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