Dropbox to Shutter Carousel App in March

Dropbox to Shutter Carousel App in March

Dec 7, 2015

When we reviewed Carousel last year, we thought Dropbox’s media management venture was a smooth offering that had plenty of room to grow.

Unfortunately for fans of the application, Dropbox has decided to sunset it at the end of March 2016. To cut a short story even shorter, Dropbox has determined that its users prefer to consume media from within the Dropbox app itself. As such, Dropbox will be looking to incorporate some of Carousel’s features into its mobile apps in the coming months

According to a Carousel blog post announcing the change:

When we introduced Carousel in April 2014, we believed a standalone app would be a better way to experience photos. We’re proud to have created a photo app that many of you use and love. However, over the past year and a half, we’ve learned the vast majority of our users prefer the convenience and simplicity of interacting with their photos directly inside of Dropbox. With this in mind, we’ve had to make a difficult decision.

On March 31st, we’re shutting down Carousel as a standalone app and returning to a single Dropbox photo experience. Carousel has always been a way to view and interact with photos stored in Dropbox. All the photos in your Carousel timeline will remain safe in your Dropbox where they’ve always been.

There are instructions for special cases here.


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