Have old electronics? Trade some in for newer stuff at Decluttr

Have old electronics? Trade some in for newer stuff at Decluttr

Mar 8, 2016

Re-commerce company Decluttr has added a new service to its portfolio: the ability for folks to trade in electronics. This adds to its well established business of purchasing unwanted DVDs, CDs, video games and Blu-rays.

The company uses a “Price Promise” system with which Decluttr will give a guaranteed instant price for proffered items or said items will be returned to the sender for free.

Decluttr Marketing Director Liam Howley talks about the new service. “We all have that spare cell phone lying around in the house, or even an old tablet, iPod or games console that has been replaced by a newer model. Now we’re giving customers the chance to make some extra money by selling these unwanted items to Decluttr,” he says. “Customers can still sell their unwanted DVDs, CDs, video games and Blu-rays to us, but by adding electronics to the mix, customers can now sell a much larger range of products, put them all in one box and send it for free to us – making it even easier for customers to declutter and make money at the same time.”

Decluttr also has mobile apps which help speed up the process, making one’s Android device an easy scanning and assessment tool. The new service is available now; check out decluttr.com.

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