Empire & Puzzles Launches on Google Play

Empire & Puzzles Launches on Google Play

Mar 2, 2017

Small Giant Games, the crew behind Oddwings Escape, just released a new game on Android called Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest.

As the title hints, its heavy on RPG elements, and tosses in match-3, PvP and multiplayer online concepts for good measure.

The game boasts questing and great graphics as well.

Small Giant Games chief Timo Soininen talks about creating something simple. “We started with a clear vision that we want to create something that’s super easy to pick up and play, but that also surprises the players with unforeseen depth and a fresh take on familiar elements,” he says. “We’re already seeing strong indications that we succeeded in this goal, and are extremely excited to continue the journey with our community!”

The game is free (with ads) and has in-app purchases.

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