Enfeel Releases Birzzle Fever on Android via Halfbrick Studios

Enfeel Releases Birzzle Fever on Android via Halfbrick Studios

Sep 12, 2014

Birzzle Fever is now on Android courtesy of a collaboration between developer Enfeel and Halfbrick Studios.

Excerpts from the press release:

With over 800 million downloads worldwide, Halfbrick now commands one of the largest mobile game networks in the world. To help other developers achieve success in this extremely competitive landscape, Halfbrick launched its first published project in late June with Birzzle Fever from Korean developer Enfeel.

Birzzle Fever has now reached over 700,000 downloads in almost entirely western markets, exclusively on iOS. Halfbrick’s goal has always been to build a portfolio of the strongest mobile games, and Birzzle Fever boasts a very promising start for a long line of updates and support.

Birzzle Fever will reach a brand new audience as it launches on Google Play and Amazon Appstore on September 12th. This effectively doubles Halfbrick’s marketing reach overnight, and will bring the Birzzle brand to even greater prominence.

For gameplay additions, both iOS and Android versions of the game have been updated to feature an offline mode. More and more games require online connectivity to enjoy, but Halfbrick aims to ensure the players with unfortunate connectivity problems can still enjoy the bird-popping fun!

Halfbrick will be continuing its expansion into publishing, with Yes Chef from developer CitrusJoy the next game to be released this quarter.

The game is available for free (with optional in-app purchasing) on both the Play Store and Amazon AppStore.

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