You Are Now Entering — The Tegra Zone

You Are Now Entering — The Tegra Zone

Jan 10, 2011

It’s undeniable, NVIDIA and their Tegra 2 mobile super chip absolutely dominated CES and this years lineup of devices. Powered by the world’s first mobile dual-core CPU, these devices promise to bring a whole new gaming experience to the mobile world. Think of Angry Birds as todays smartphone processing power and then Tegra 2 as “Exorbitantly Infuriated Raging Feathered Projectiles!”

Leading mobile game developers are already creating exciting new games for NVIDIA Tegra-based mobile devices and it seems NVIDIA doesn’t want its aristocrats getting lost in the sea of commoner apps populating the Android Market. To prevent this from happening, they have gone ahead and created a “Tegra Approved” country club entitled “The Tegra Zone.”

Privileged members will receive professional game reviews, high-res screenshots, HD video trailers, gameplay videos, and behind-the-scenes footage along with social network support to ensure everyone knows they’re #1. Only thing missing is an official “Tegra Zone” club jacket (I’m sure they’re working on it).

All sarcasm aside, “The Tegra Zone” app will provide an easier platform for users of Tegra 2 powered devices to peruse the best enhanced games available. This app won’t be useful anyways, since Gameloft refuses to sell their sexy games on the Android Market (again with the sarcasm).

Tegra Zone isn’t available yet but I’m guessing its debut will coincide with the release of the newly announced Tegra powered devices. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this app come preloaded on all Tegra powered devices (which is like every new device). Any whoo, if you’re interested in a sneak peek, head on over to Engadget and check out the video preview of said devices, running said games, showcasing said app.

Source: NVIDIA via Engadget

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